How do you feel about feedback? Constructive criticism... Whatever you want to call it. When you build something, or make something, do you want someone to tell you what you did wrong and what you did correct? Do you mind them telling you what could be better? I know everyone isn’t the same. For me,... Continue Reading →

Ok, so you get to the end of the road. Where do you go from there? Do you turn around and find another route? Do you keep going? Do you just stop and sit? If you continue to go... Where is there to go? Do you have a map? There are so many questions I... Continue Reading →

Bring peace to your own life. Don’t depend, OR wait for anyone else. That shit is going to be worthless. Some people can’t even help themselves. If you let anything like stress, or worry win, you will regret it. Even if anything like that does win, there are plenty of opportunities to change that. Opportunities... Continue Reading →

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share an umbrella and survive the storm together. Have you ever been so in love that your person couldn’t do any wrong? It is not wrong to be that way. At all... You just have to understand that everything isn’t perfect... And will never be. Try... Continue Reading →

Whatever mood you wake up with in the morning, will follow you throughout the day... If only you let it! When you wake up in the morning, what route do you take? Do you read? Do you take a run? Do you drink coffee? Do you shower? Do you get your kids ready? What is... Continue Reading →

I have not been on my shit lately. I been slacking with my writing. I try to blog every day, but I haven’t been feeling good. I won’t go into detail. I still want you guys to read my blogs though. Even if it’s reading the old ones over again. I won’t give up on... Continue Reading →

You are never too old. I don’t know if you needed that, or if you didn’t... Don’t matter. Age means nothing when you’re trying to get shit done. You can achieve anything you want. At any age you want. Unless you’re literally incapable. Don’t let anyone kill your dreams. Matter of fact, don’t tell anyone... Continue Reading →

It’s not healthy to speak without thinking first. If you just let whatever come out of your mouth... You’ll regret it. Do you actually say what you think? I do at times. It makes me a tad bit uncomfortable with myself because I know I can do better and ignore people. People piss me off.... Continue Reading →

You have the ability to change things. Especially the things in your own life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t fall victim to anyone’s negativity. That is a problem you let them face on their own. Even if you feel like you’re in the biggest phase of darkness in your life. You are able... Continue Reading →

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