If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.
-Abigail Van Buren

I’m not saying the child will turn out “well.”

Every child comes out different.

I see parents make this common mistake.

Especially fathers.

I’ve always spoken up to men that I am surrounded by that spend more money than time.

My word of advice may be the advice that makes a difference.

I am a product of “a father who spent more money than he did time.”

I used to resent that at a younger age, but why continue?

I am going to be a parent one day.

I have to keep myself alive.

I have to keep my child alive.

I have to learn from others.

I’m not saying I will do everything the correct way because no parent does…

But I promise to try my hardest.

Me being a product, I know how it feels.

The emotions run deep.

I would never make/let my child feel like that.

There is no hate in my heart.

I charge a lot of things to the game.

That alone got me through so much stuff.

To all the parents out there!

Moms and dads!!!

Do right by your babies.

If you oversee your child because of a job, another person, or anything else that’s not important…

Make up for it!

It may not be too late.

Take care of yourself.

Love yourself..

At your finest..

At your lowest..

Things can be fixed.

It’s all up to you to fix them.

Be the adult.

-Kayonia 💙💙💙

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