Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something.

When I was in college, I struggled with procrastination.


I would stay up until the morning writing papers…

Doing homework..

I would never get any sleep.

I would even fall asleep in the middle of homework.

I would even fall asleep in class.

It eventually paid off.

Graduated at the top of my class.

Passed every class, even with my daily struggles.

I tried…

I tried…

I tried…

Some nights I sat up and cried because I though this was the hardest thing ever.

Other days I doubted myself.

Most days I knew what I was capable of.

I knew that I could finish strong.

No one helped me.

I felt as though I had to do everything by myself.

I thank the people who let me lean on them.

It means the most.

-Kayonia ❤️❤️❤️

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