You will never make a difference by being like everyone else. You can do something that someone else does for sure, but make sure you stand out. It’s easy! Do something that will make others simply say, “This is why I like her/him.” Treat people accordingly. Be your best self. Once you show someone your... Continue Reading →

If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.-Abigail Van Buren I’m not saying the child will turn out “well.” Every child comes out different. I see parents make this common mistake. Especially fathers. I’ve always spoken up to men that I am... Continue Reading →

Don’t run yourself crazy. Run yourself away from crazy. It’s not normal. People normalize being “crazy.” It’s not cute... Nor is it sane. Learn to not build up so much anger. You will get angry and that’s totally fine. Let some steam off. Don’t let it weigh on you though. It will drive you nuts.... Continue Reading →

Don’t ignore the things you should pay attention to. Even though you feel like those things may mean nothing, they mean something. I’ve said before that I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. That could easily trigger any red flags that are meant for you to notice. Red flags could be... Continue Reading →

When a person becomes their own best friend, life gets better for them. Learn to love yourself through it all. No matter the faults, no matter the hardships. Imagine all the good times. What did they consist of? Think back on it. Smile. Laugh. Be appreciative of everything. Don’t fall short of any happiness because... Continue Reading →

If someone told you that you are going to fail... Are you going to listen? No matter how many people tell you that you are going to fail, you aren’t. You simply shouldn’t listen. Don’t allow others to tell you what you’re going to do. When someone tells you something, your mind starts racing. Doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Succeed when YOU want to succeed. Do things on YOUR own time. Don’t let anyone rush you, or tell you how slow your process is going. When you are ready, you will be ready. People will say, “You need to hurry up and do this before time runs out.” Just because THEIR time ran out,... Continue Reading →

It’s safe to say that I do what I want to. I always have, but I know what’s good for me. In a world full of chaos, I still find time to be the beautiful person I am. Inside and out. I strive to not be bothered. It definitely works out in my favor. I... Continue Reading →

You do not have to accept the things you are not okay with. Period. Point. Blank. End of story. I know I repeat things quite often. It’s only because I want these things instilled in you guys. For the purpose of self motivation. Especially the younger people who read my blogs. Even the older people,... Continue Reading →

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